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Our focus is to help reduce and eliminate the buildup of stress and pain from day to day living, helping you feel better from the inside out. 

As a practicing manual osteopath, our guiding philosophy is to treat the mind, body and spirit as one. Through playing organized sports and working with athletes, to having studied the science of kinesiology, we understand the importance of staying at the top of both your physical and mental game.


muscle & joint pain 

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Entering Cayo is like entering a sanctuary where the inner desire and goal is to connect with ourselves from the inside out.

From the extinct Arawakan language, spoken by the Taíno people of the Caribbean, Cayo translates to “small island.” Cayo represents ourselves – single individuals surrounded by our daily routines that strive to find an inner peace that helps bring back the balance and centre of life. When our guests walk in our door, the experience of peace starts, just like an oasis in the middle of chaos.

Our goal is to transform the healing experience into a portal of tranquillity, where – just like an isolated island, you can leave your worries behind on a distant shore and enjoy profound relaxation.

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Healthy Body

Prevention &

Ease Muscle
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